Half Japanese - Charmed Life


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Originally released in 1988, this limited 'special art edition' of Charmed Life, released for Record Store Day 2019 includes an extra LP of unheard material. 
Charmed Life
is Half Japanese's sixth studio album, and is one of the most accessible they made. But while it is more realised and fully formed an album than anything that came before it, don't take that to mean 'mature' - Jad Fair's lyrics are still as charmingly optimistic and full of love as ever, and his and David Fair's brat rocking tendencies are also as ever present. 


  1. Said And Done 
  2. Penny In The Fountain 
  3. Evidence 
  4. Vietnam 
  5. Roman Candles 
  6. Love At First Sight 
  7. Snake Line 
  8. Bright Lights, Big City 
  9. Face Rake 
  10. Later In A Magazine 
  11. Red Dress 
  12. Charmed Life 
  13. Day And Night 
  14. 1,000,000,000,000 Kisses 
  15. Terminator 
  16. I'll Change My Style 
  17. Charmed Life 
  18. Trouble In The Water 
  19. Miracles Happen Every Day 
  20. Fortunate 
  21. Poetic License 
  22. Day And Night 
  23. 1,000,000 Kisses 
  24. Madonna Nude 
  25. I'll Change My Style 
  26. George Steele 
  27. Real Cool Time 
  28. How Many More Years 
  29. King Kong Bundy 
  30. Something New In The Ring 
  31. Terminator 



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