Habibi - Habibi


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Brooklyn-based quintet Habibi were formed in the spring of 2011 by Detroit expatriates Rahill Jamalifard and Lenaya Lynch, tapping into their Motown roots of simple but infectious pop melodies delivered with punk know-how. Jamalifard took lead vocal duties and Lynch played guitar and sang, and they were joined by drummer Karen Isabel and bassist Erin Campbell.

Their debut self-titled album of dreamy-eyed dance-pop garage-gems was originally released in 2014, the album was reissued on vinyl in 2018.


  1. Far From Right
  2. I Got The Moves
  3. Detroit Baby
  4. Sunsets
  5. Sweetest Talk
  6. She Comes Along
  7. Persepolis
  8. Let Me In
  9. Siin
  10. Tomboy
  11. Gone Like Yesterday


LP pressed on red vinyl; includes download coupon



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