Guttersnipe / Cuntroaches - Split


  • £15.99

Gutternsipe and Cuntroaches are two frenetic noise-punk bands stretching the limits of punk-rock to something irreparable; pulling in different directions to the same ends.

After touring Europe together, both bands decided to go into studios in their respective home towns - Berlin for Cuntroaches and Leeds for Guttersnipe - and document where they were. Across the four-songs of this split EP, they each find themselves somewhere on the outer edges of desolate noisescapes...

Cuntroaches blend a chewed-up-and spat out version of black metal and breakneck-speed punk and twist it with echo and evil. And it's exhilarating! Guttersnipe dismantle things further, drawing out a blown-up diagram of noise into an abstract-punk scream. It's a free space and it's ecstatic, but it matches Cuntroaches dark pulse and tension ounce-for-ounce. 


  1. Cuntroaches - Inside Me
  2. Cuntroaches - I Can Tell You're Scum
  3. Guttersnipe - Poppyseed Pudendum
  4. Guttersnipe - Return To The Cyanobacterial Slime

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