Gustaf - Audio Drag For Ego Slobs


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Formed in 2018, Brooklyn's Gustaf have built their reputation on magnetic live shows which has seen them selling out shows even before releasing any recorded music. Their 2021 debut album, Audio Drag for Ego Slobs, is an arty post-punk dance-party - the type of snippy-smart tempered-chaos that sees them following in the footsteps of some of New York's finest, including ESG, James Chance, Bush Tetras, Talking Heads and Television.

Spare and brat-ish, the songs on Audio Drag for Ego Slobs feel like they are being made up on the spot, with vocals bouncing off each other in impatient rounds, impetuous ad-libs, tightly-wound narratives, and everyone-join-in choruses. But as spiky and antsy as it is, this is above all a perilously fun record, almost unrelenting in it's demand for you to get up and dance this mess around! It's not until the final track, 'Happy,' that the momentum ever lets up, and, over a sugar-crash slow-dance, the band near-despondently implore "we hope you're happy, we hope you're singing along..." 


  1. Mine 
  2. Book 
  3. Best Behavior 
  4. Dream 
  5. Liquid Frown 
  6. The Motions 
  7. Cruel 
  8. Dog 
  9. Package 
  10. Happy  


  • Canadian import 
  • CD housed in gatefold card jacket with 5mm spine 





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