Guided By Voices - Under The Bushes, Under The Stars


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Originally released 1996 on Matador Records, Under The Bushes, Under The Stars is the ninth album by the prolific Guided By Voices. 

Formed in 1983 in Dayton, OH by Robert Pollard, inspired by British post-punk and 'sixties garage-rock, the band's ever-changing personnel briefly settled on the 'classic' formation of Pollard, Tobim Sprout, Mitch Mitchell and Kevin Fennell during the mid-'nineties, with Under The Bushes... being the last of the 'nineties albums to feature this line-up. Following their breakthrough album, Alien Lanes, it was also their first album to depart from their trade-mark home-recorded 4-track sound, and was recorded in a series of studios with various producers, including Steve Albini (Shellac, Big Black) and fellow Daytonian Kim Deal (The Breeders, Pixies). The results however remain pleasingly lo-fi and unpolished, and, despite the disparate nature of the production, is a perfectly-formed album of subtly-brilliant indie-rock pop songs that grows richer with every listen. 

  1. Man Called Aerodynamics  
  2. Rhine Jive Click  
  3. Cut-Out Witch 
  4. Burning Flag Birthday 
  5. Suit 
  6. The Official Ironmen 
  7. Rally Song 
  8. To Remake The Young  
  9. Flyer  
  10. No Sky 
  11. Bright Paper Werewolves 
  12. Lord Of Overstock 
  13. Your Name Is Wild 
  14. Ghosts Of A Different 
  15. Dream 
  16. Acorns & Orioles 
  17. Look At Them 
  18. The Perfect Life 
  19. Underwater Explosions 
  20. Atom Eyes 
  21. Don't Stop Now 
  22. Office Of Hearts 

bonus 12"
  1. Big Boring Wedding 
  2. It's Like Soul Man 
  3. Drag Days 
  4. Sheetkickers 
  5. Redmen And Their Wives 
  6. Take To The Sky 


  • Exclusive to indie stores 
  • Housed in gatefold sleeve with wide 7mm sleeve 
  • Includes 12" with six bonus tracks 




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