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The Garbage & The Flowers - Cinnamon Sea


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Cinnamon Sea is the 2022 album by the Garbage & the Flowers, one of the most mysterious and ever-morphing bands to come out of the New Zealand underground, and is the perfect introduction to their uniquely fractured off-kilter psych-pop and lo-fi spiralling sonic rumble as it unravels with claustrophobic glee and ramshakle reverb-drenched improvised songwriting. 
Formed in 1991 in Wellington, NZ, and now based in Australia, the band, who have been active throughout these three decades, recorded Cinnamon Sea in an abandoned courthouse in Freyerstown, a ghostly village in Victoria’s Goldfields in Southeast Australia, where you’re not unlikely to meet giant grey kangaroos bounding on its dusty main street. This is roughly-hewn outsider music for insiders. 


“By some measure Wellington's most brilliant pop band, The Garbage & The Flowers are classic underground rock'n'roll with a hazy ramshackle sound pockmarked by bursts of genius” - Forced Exposure 



  1. Eye Know Who You Are 
  2. Cinnamon Sea 
  3. Red Star 
  4. On the Radio 
  5. Jacob B 


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