Ganser - Just Look At That Sky


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Following 2018's debut Odd Talk, Chicago's Ganser expand their taut leftfield-leaning post-punk probing of uncertain times and personal inner-climates on 2020's Just Look At That Sky. Manic explorations of worry and dread mark this record, with songs charting inner monologues of emphatic confusion and a ceaselessly plugged-in anxiety.

With an explosive energy that evokes the Midwest noise-rock legacy of bands like Jesus Lizard and Shellac, while embracing a more colourful palette of art-punk influences. Nadia Garofalo and Alicia Gaines, who share lead vocal duties, bring both a recalcitrant cool worthy of Kim Gordon and a booming sneer that recalls Poly Styrene and Lydia Lunch; while the discordance of Charlie Landsman’s guitar and Brian Cundiff’s drums build to blistering climaxes that wouldn’t feel out of place on Red Medicine-era Fugazi, or The Woods-era Sleater-Kinney

Co-produced with Electrelane's Mia Clarke and engineer Brian Fox, Just Look At The Sky is a confident mess of confusion, noise and grooviness.

  1. Lucky
  2. Self Service
  3. Projector
  4. Emergency Equipment & Exits
  5. Told You So
  6. Shadowcasting
  7. Bad Form
  8. [NO YES]
  9. Bags for Life


LP pressed on 'golden ticket yellow' coloured vinyl; limited to 500 copies


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