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Fugazi's debut mini-album from 1988 is a landmark statement in post-hardcore history. From the immediately iconic opening bass-line of 'Waiting Room' to the collapsing feedback and wailing echo that ends 'Glue Man,' it is a trilling and visceral twenty-three minutes that marked a new era in DC punk. 

Formed in 1987 in Washington, DC by guitarist and vocalist Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat), vocalist Guy Picciotto (Rites Of Spring), drummer Brendan Canty (Rites Of Spring), and bassist Joe Lally, on their first record Fugazi combined elastic and raw rhythmically melodic and inventive post-punk with a passionate political and poetic aesthetic that would be the blueprint they would expand on over the six studio albums that followed in their fifteen years as one of most influential punk bands ever - their success made in spite of, and because of, their unwaveringly steadfast DIY ethic. 

This eponymous EP, also referred to as 7 Songs, was later combined with their follow-up, Margin Walker, into a full-length CD release, 13 Songs. 


  1. Waiting Room 
  2. Bulldog Front 
  3. Bad Mouth 
  4. Burning 
  5. Give Me The Cure 
  6. Suggestion 
  7. Glue Man 


  • US import 
  • Includes printed inner-sleeve with lyrics and photography by Glen Friedman 
  • Contains download coupon 



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