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Originally released in 1970, The Free Design's hugely enjoyable album for children includes many of the group's best loved songs, including 'Kites Are Fun' (the great title track of their debut 1967 album) and 'Bubbles' (from 1970's Stars / Time / Bubbles / Love LP), as well others written and recorded especially for this album, notably 'Love You,' which has become one of their most enduring songs. Its a perfect album for important people both big and small.

Active between 1967 and 1972, and originally made up of siblings Chris, Sandy and Bruce Dedrick and later joined by younger sister Ellen, and then youngest sister Stefanie, the Develan, New York vocal group were know for trademark soft-psych bubblegum-sunshine pop sound involving complex harmonies, jazz-like chord progressions, and off-beat time signatures - all products of Chris's classical training (Chris wrote most of their songs). Although they did not achieve much commercial recognition at the time, decades later they have were sited as direct influences on bands such as Stereolab, Cornelius, Pizzicato Five, Beck and The High Llamas.

Exerpt from liner notes by The Free Design’s Bruce Dedrick:
"Back in 1969, we were all big fans of PPM and when Mary Travers became a mother, they released the Peter, Paul and Mommy album. I think it was one of the seeds that resulted in the germination of the Free Design Sings for Very Important People album. Other contributing factors included the fact that we were all parents by then and that several (“Bubbles”, “Kites”, “Daniel Dolphin”) of our songs already on our other albums were ideal for a children’s album. Our father, Art Dedrick, a prolific composer of Concert Band, Jazz Band and Choral music had a song he had written years before called “Little Cowboy” that was perfect for the album and Sandy’s “Love You” fit right in. Sesame Street the TV program was in full swing and that theme was one we had fun within the studio. The album is full of lyrical references either to our childhood or that of our own children."

"[These songs are] like smooth-edged, powder blue pebbles in a jewelry store" - Pitchfork


  1. Don't Cry, Baby
  2. Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?
  3. Children's Waltz
  4. Scarlet Tree
  5. Little Cowboy
  6. Love You
  7. Ronda Go 'Round
  8. Bubbles
  9. Daniel Dolphin
  10. Kites Are Fun
  11. Lullaby
  12. For The Love Of Your Lips (Outtake #1)
  13. For The Love Of Your Lips (Outtake #3)


  • US import
  • Limited pink splatter LP
  • Includes rare photographs, liner notes by Bruce Dedrick, and a new Q&A with Sandy Dedrick
  • This edition includes two bonus tracks featuring the group's contribution to Chapstick commercials!





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