Foxes in Fiction - Ontario Gothic


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The beautiful, dream-like second album by Foxes In Fiction, Ontario Gothic, has become something of a quiet indie-cult classic since its original released in 2014. Long out-of-press, and increasingly hard to find, this third pressing of the album on Orchid Tapes is very welcome news for fans of downbeat ethereal bedroom pop. 
Foxes In Fiction is the solo project of Warren Hildebrand, who hails from Toronto, Ontario, but is now based in Brooklyn, New York. Ontario Gothic was recorded between 2011 and 2014 in New York, Toronto, Northern Ontario, London and Portland, and is built on a wash of synths, lo-fi guitars, echoing tapes and hazy waves of gently layered vocals. At its heart it is a pop record, but one that seems to exist in a liminal space that allows it to grow richer and more expensive on each new time you put it on. 


"Ontario Gothic is a well-crafted, refreshing sip from the well of dream pop spread out across seven lush tracks, and could very well become the new altar at which devotees of the genre worship" - Zach Webb, The Baffler 
"Intimate and surreal songs that feel like they're floating on air, existing in a dream-like state past the point of what our ears are conditioned to. A huge leap foeward for Foxes in Fiction of highly-tuned pop sensibility" - Jake Saunders, IMPOSE 


  1. March 2011 
  2. Into the Fields 
  3. Glow (v079) 
  4. Shadow's Song 
  5. Ontario Gothic 
  6. Amanda 
  7. Altars 


  • US import 
  • Aqua blue coloured vinyl pressing limited to 500 copies worldwide 
  • Contains home-printed 11"x17" poster (digital redux version of the posters that came with 1st and 2nd pressings) 
  • Includes printed inner-sleeve with lyrics & credits  




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