Fox Millions Duo - Biting Through


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The second album by Fox Millions Duo, Greg Fox and Kid Millions, two of New York’s most sought-after percussionists, employs modular synthesis to lift their already inventive music in unexpected ways.

Performing as a duo for a few years in the NYC area, Fox and Millions (aka John Colpitts) appreciation and understanding of each other’s playing is immediately obvious. Biting Through explores an astounding breadth of ideas over six sprawling compositions. The pair plays intuitively, creating complex architectures of rhythm. Biting Through pushes the sonic and compositional potential of the drum kit to the limits, expanding the duo’s arsenal with modular synthesis to create some of their most fearless and exhilarating music to date.

This limited edition white vinyl version was released for Record Store Day 2019.

  1. Biting Through
  2. Clasp
  3. Nine Years Of Facing A Wall
  4. The Gulf
  5. Wealth
  6. Be  

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