Flying Saucer Attack - New Lands


  • £19.99

1997's New Lands is Flying Saucer Attack's attempt to make a pop record. More 'concrete' than previous releases, New Lands can be thought of as phase two of Flying Saucer Attack's history. Previously only hinted at, this record pulses with beats, although still obscured by clouds, past pop music and into the direction of rhythmic loopery. 

"Here is the beauty of this record: If you were to dissect isolate each separate sound in any particular song, it would be the most unpleasant and unsettling thing imaginable. I have described this album as the sound of approximately a dozen Lear jets idling their engines at different rpm. At other times, maybe it's a symphony of hairdryers and leaf blowers. But each song is the PERFECT sum of it's parts, all forming the most beautiful (emphasis on the FULL) songs out there" - Rob Barber 


  1. Past 
  2. Present 
  3. Up In Her Eyes 
  4. Respect 
  5. Night Falls 
  6. Whole Day Song 
  7. The Sea 
  8. Forever  


  • LP pressed on 180g heavyweight virgin vinyl and housed in gatefold sleeve 
  • LP contains download coupon 
  • CD housed in jewel case 



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