Flowertown - Flowertown


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Flowertown is Karina Gill and Michael Ramos. The San Francisco duo first wrote a song together because their respective projects (Cindy and Tony Jay respectively) were scheduled to play a show together in March 2020. The show didn't happen, but as the city's shelter-in-place order took effect they started sending each other song ideas and writing collaboratively, eventually recording the songs in Karina’s basement on 4-track cassette. 

During 2020, Flowertown released two cassette EPs on Paisley Shirt Records, with proceeds donated to local projects hit by the pandemic. This LP on Mt.St.Mtn Records presents both those cassettes in-full on a limited vinyl pressing. 

Trading vocals across twelve reverb-soaked lo-fi dream-pop songs, the record captures the long bittersweet days of summer through the haze of tape-hiss, tambourine, and an understated shimmering brilliance. Like the year in which it was recorded, a distant sense of sadness hangs over every song, but it is matched with a determined sweetness and a delicate joy that make it uniquely beautiful. 


  1. Natural Light 
  2. The Rope 
  3. Rocks And Air 
  4. Pieta 
  5. Lost Dog 
  6. World Peace 
  7. RCP 
  8. Good Year For The Bells 
  9. Icehouse 
  10. Flowertown 
  11. The Lake 
  12. Theresa Street 


  • Pressed on clear vinyl 
  • Housed in reverse-board jacket 
  • Limited to 250 copies in Europe 



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