Defeat by Fire! on Rune Grammofon (the album sleeve is a grainy black and white photograph depicting shadow-like cartoon-ish skeletons; the artist name and album title are printing in small white text at the top-left of the sleeve)

Fire! - Defeat


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Not the most optimistic title for pressing times, but Defeat sees Fire! tracking new paths and reaching new levels of excellence, still honouring their 12 year old vow of presenting a fresh approach to improvised music, and their unique blend of post-punk psych-rock and free jazz.

Their debut album, You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago, was released in 2009 to wide international acclaim ("the basic strategy of pairing the expressive energy of free jazz with a sturdy sense of groove has yielded something potent and self-contained" -New York Times). Between this and Defeat there have been five albums, including collaborations with Jim O'Rourke and Oren Ambarchi. On Defeat, the trio of Mats Gustafsson (saxophone, electronics), Johan Berthling (bass), and Andreas Werliin (drums) are joined by with Goran Kajfes (quartertone trumpet) and  Mats Aleklint (trombone, sousaphone), and Gustafsson also playing flute - a surprising and most successful move, his expressive and ornamental approach given ample room to breathe, especially on the two long tracks bookending the album.


  1. A Random Belt. Rats You Out.
  2. Each Millimeter Of The Toad, Part 1
  3. Each Millimeter Of The Toad, Part 2
  4. Defeat (Only Further Apart)
  5. Alien (To My Feet)



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