The Fall - Live At The Witch Trials: Expanded Edition


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Live At The Witch Trials is the debut studio album by The Fall, originally released in 1979 by Step-Forward Records. Featuring the one and only Mark E. Smith alongside Martin Bramah, Marc Riley, Karl Burns and Yvonne Pawlett. The album was recorded in a single day and mixed by producer Bob Sargeant. 

This special triple-CD edition includes the full album alongside is a disc of b-sides and John Peel Session tracks, and a live show from Mr Pickwick’s in Liverpool in 1978. 

"An album of staggeringly rich, mature music, inner questioning hand in hand with rock and roll at its fiercest, its finest, its most honest, rock and roll at its naked, most stimulating” - Dave McCullough, Sounds Magazine, 1979 

“They are always different; they are always the same…” John Peel 


  1. Frightened 
  2. Crap Rap 2/Like To Blow 
  3. Rebellious Jukebox 
  4. No Xmas For John Quays 
  5. Mother - Sister! 
  6. Industrial Estate 
  7. Underground Medecin 
  8. Two Steps Back 
  9. Live At The Witch Trials 
  10. Futures And Pasts 
  11. Music Scene 

  1. Bingo-Master's Break-Out! [Bingo-Master's Break-Out! single] 
  2. Psycho Mafia [Bingo-Master's Break-Out! single] 
  3. Repetition [Bingo-Master's Break-Out! single] 
  4. It's The New Thing [It's The New Thing single] 
  5. Various Times [extended version of B-side to It's The New Thing single] 
  6. Dresden Dolls [home rehearsals from Dresden Dolls bootleg single] 
  7. Psycho Mafia [home rehearsals from Dresden Dolls bootleg single] 
  8. Industrial Estate [home rehearsals from Dresden Dolls bootleg single] 
  9. Stepping Out [live version from Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus] 
  10. Last Orders [live version from Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus] 
  11. Rebellious Jukebox [John Peel Session] 
  12. Mother - Sister! [John Peel Session] 
  13. Industrial Estate [John Peel Session] 
  14. Futures And Pasts [John Peel Session] 
  15. Put Away [John Peel Session] 
  16. Mess Of My [John Peel Session] 
  17. No Xmas For John Key [John Peel Session] 
  18. Like To Blow [John Peel Session] 

  1. Like To Blow 
  2. Stepping Out 
  3. Two Steps Back 
  4. Mess Of My 
  5. It's The New Thing 
  6. Various Times  
  7. Bingo-Master's Break-Out! 
  8. Frightened 
  9. Industrial Estate 
  10. Psycho Mafia 
  11. Music Scene 
  12. Mother - Sister! 


  • Triple-CD housed in clamshell box 
  • Includes booklet with new sleeve notes by Daryl Easlea 
  • Remastered by long-term Fall engineer Andy Pearce 




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