The Exbats - Kicks, Hits And Flips


  • £22.99


The Exbats are a band from Bisbee, Arizona; a desolate hippie enclave along the Mexican/U.S. border. The town stretches along a super enormous pit from a mining operation that stopped decades ago. There are a bunch of bars and arty type gift shops in town. No stop lights. No Starbucks. It is from this place The Exbats write their hit songs, for an unsuspecting world.

Kicks, Hits and Flips is the follow-up to one of our favourite records of 2019, E is for Exbats (a collection of songs from their first two cassettes) and delivers an equal punch of lo-fi garage pop and brat punk with a tender twist.


  1. You Don't Get It (You Don't Got It)
  2. Funny Honey
  3. Doorman 
  4. Good Enough For You 
  5. Maven Of The Crafts 
  6. Wet Cheeks 
  7. Put Down Your Fights 
  8. Try Burning This One 
  9. Immediate Girl 
  10. Florida 
  11. Hey Hey Hey 
  12. I Got The Hots For Charlie Watts

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