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The self-titled debut album by European Sun is twelve songs about birds, belonging, growing up, growing old, dreaming and going to the seaside. 

Inspired by the Television Personalities, BMX Bandits, Sarah Records, C86 and the Velvet Underground, Bristol-born Steve Miles writes, sings and plays the songs, while Rob Pursey and Amelia Fletcher play, sing and produce. Rob and Amelia have an unrivalled indie heritage with Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap. These days they perform and record as The Catenary Wires. Ian Button plays the drums. Steve also plays in The Short Stories with bassist Chris Wilson (Lloyd Cole, Love Spit Love). 

The band’s first release, a digital single, The Future’s Female, was a straightforward song for the new decade, a rallying cry for progressive people to have hope in a decade that threatens to be dark. The proceeds from all Bandcamp sales are being donated to Refuge. You can also donate here - 


  1. A Song For Sisters 
  2. My Friend Robin 
  3. Never Too Old To Be Young 
  4. The Robin 
  5. So Small 
  6. Now I'm Ready To Be A Princess 
  7. She'll Fly Away 
  8. Favourite Day 
  9. Bohemian Blasphemy 
  10. You Belong Somewhere 
  11. Small Steps 
  12. Sleep Cottage 


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