ESG - Keep On Moving


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Sampled on TV ads, lauded by critics and swooned over on the dancefloor, ESG’s post-punk took out the grunge and polished the basics. Cut them open and “less is more” is written all the way through. 

Keep On Moving was released originally released in 2006 to much praise, continuing the very welcome come-back, following 2002's Step Off, of one of the most influential bands to emerge from the post-punk no-wave scene of early-eighties NYC.

ESG had been sparring partners for PiL and early hip hop and, four years after Step Off, they were onto something new – rhythm as core, reflective storylines about relationship management, sensuality and insanity gather around the bass fix but they’re much blurrier than the incessant beats. Inadvertently they unmask techno and glitch and leave out any kind of superfluous fluff. It’s hard and temple throbbing. Turn it up. And keep moving.


  1. Purely Physical
  2. Keep On Moving
  3. Insane Tambourine
  4. The Road
  5. I'd Do It For You
  6. Everything Goes
  7. Ex
  8. Insane Bass
  9. Gimme A Blast



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