ESG - Come Away With ESG


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The thirty-fifth anniversary release of the classic genre-busting 1983 debut album by the Bronx sisters ESG. Come Away With ESG was the often-sampled classic that served as inspiration for hip-hop, house and post-punk. 

This is music that is inside and outside of the no wave, new wave and post punk library; it’s for the dance floor, but it’s not funk - there’s no horns, no driving organ; it stands miles from Sly And The Family Stone but is no less cool and no less groovy. It is punk distilled to pure form... pure fun! 


  1. Come Away 
  2. Dance 
  3. You Make No Sense 
  4. Parking Lot Blues 
  5. Chistelle 
  6. About You 
  7. It’s Alright 
  8. Moody ( Spaced Out ) 
  9. Tiny Sticks 
  10. The Beat 
  11. My Love For You 


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