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Osaka-born and New York-based pianist Erika Dohi is a multi-faceted artist with an eclectic musical background. From highly polished traditional classical to bold improvisation, she is a dynamic performer whose timeless style and unidiomatic technique sets her apart in contemporary NYC avant-garde circles. 

Dohi’s vast repertory is impressive, but what makes her truly such a barrier-defying artist is what lies ahead. I, Castorpollux, Dohi’s debut solo album, is a profound personal excavation set to a gripping landscape of wild, genre-fluid composition; a virtuosic, but emotionally generous convergence of the technical and the spiritual. With understated piano & keyboards at its centre, I, Castorpollux is equal parts hazy nostalgia, science-fiction soundtrack and electro-acoustic experimentation. 

The central theme to the album is the ‘split-self’ and variable perceptions of time that Dohi has faced at formative moments in her life. She experienced the 1995 Kobe earthquake at age 7. Hiding under a table during the worst of it, she later emerged to find the world around her crumbled. In her immediate vicinity, a fixture of her childhood remained standing. The Tower of the Sun, a type of threefaced time machine itself from Expo 70, designed by artist Taro Okamoto, is a trail-marker on Erika’s journey, a stand-in sigil to unlock the mysterious sounds of her work, with 70s synths and retro sci-fi aesthetics permeating the album’s narratives. 

Much of the album was written while living in Texas where the split between her Asian self and the idea of being an American necessitated a near mountain of self-discovery to reconcile how she felt and who she was within the social backdrop of a strongly conservative environment. 

The project features contributions from Channy Leaneagh (Polica), Andy Akiho, Immanuel Wilkins, among others, and is produced by William Brittelle. 


  1. Two Moons (Osaka 1995) 
  2. Replicant 
  3. Porcelain Hands 
  4. Doesn’t Want/ Doesn’t Stop (feat. Channy Leaneagh) 
  5. Particle Of 
  6. 陽の光 (Hi no Hikari) 
  7. Still/ On Hold (feat. Ambrose Akinmusire, Immanuel Wilkins) 
  8. Polaroid (feat. Channy Leaneagh) 
  9. Tower of the Sun 
  10. Expo 70’ (feat. William Brittelle) 
  11. PoE (feat. Andy Akiho, Immanuel Wilkins) 
  12. Water Drop (Mizu no Shizuku) 
  13. Dioscuri 


  • Features artwork by Peader Gill 
  • CD housed in gatefold card jacket with 4mm spine 




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