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En Attendant Ana - Lost And Found


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Parisian quintet En Attendant Ana has been nonchalantly crafting perfect pop songs in their homeland since 2014. Their debut EP, Songs From The Cave, a refreshing blend of nouveau French pop, C86 indie and foggy Flying Nun in­uenced jangle, was released on cassette and 12" by Buddy Records/Nominal Records in April of 2017. Their new album, Lost and Found, hones in on that EP's strengths, and shines the hooks 'til they shimmer.

Recorded in the Paris suburb of Montreuil in October of 2017 by engineers Nicolas Pommé and Guillaume Siracusa, Lost and Found begins with the ominous clanging of guitars, before launching into a churning whirl of sound; guitars slash, keyboards drone, trumpets (yes trumpets) wail and drums crash. What follows are nine more songs of urgent and thrilling pop dazzle; from the adrenaline-soaked anthem "This Could Be", to the driving "Ré" (re-recorded from the EP) with it's rapturous "oohs" & Camille Fréchou's uplifting trumpet fanfare, echoing Entwistle's French horn lines from Sell Out-era Who.

The hooks on Lost and Found dig deep, as each song worms its way into the listener's subconscious via a memorable melody, a chiming guitar line, or a trumpet trill; something you might be familiar with if you're a fan of ElectrelaneDolly MixturePram or Shop AssistantsVocalist and multi instrumentalist Margaux Bouchaudon's a yearning, tuneful register can't help but recall the indie cool of Stereolab's  Laetitia Sadier or Nico, but still boasts a style of her own. Bouchaudon says her lyrics "talk about our everyday life, about the difficulty of being a young adult now and how we deal with this metamorphosis, trying to give sense to our future, considering our family, our friends and the society we live in. They talk about us, about the individual and the collective. They talk about our fears and our doubts. But most of the time they talk about hope."


  1. Intro
  2. (Not) So Hard
  3. Night
  4. This Could Be
  5. Why Is Your Body So Hard To Carry?
  6. Violence Inside
  7. Tinkle Twinkle
  8. Square One
  9. I Don’t Even Know Your Name

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