En Attendant Ana - Juillet


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Juillet is the Parisian quintet En Attendant Ana's follow up to their excellent 2018 album, Lost & Found. It's a more sophisticated affair for sure - where the previous album, and their debut EP, felt wild and reckless, Juillet is focused, intent and ready for heavy radio play! It's a big sound, but the shimmering indie-pop at it's core is ever present, full of jangling guitars, cool vocals and punchy trumpet, and bringing to mind bands like The Ailser Set, Comet Gain, Camera Obsura, Habibi, and Electrelane.

Recorded over the course of one week at an isolated studio in rural France, Juillet is the sound of a band reshaping itself, adapting to numerous transitions both within the band and in life. Juillet is the French word for July - a month representing the transition from spring to summer, and in the band's own words "Juillet" is "a symbol of the end of something and the beginning of an other one."


  1. Down The Hill
  2. Do You Understand?
  3. Somewhere and Somehow
  4. In / Out
  5. From My Bruise To An Island
  6. Flesh Or Blood
  7. Enter My Body (Lilith)
  8. Words
  9. When It Burns
  10. The Light That Slept Inside


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