Unbecoming by Eli Winter on American Dreams Records (the album cover is a balck and white photograph of a hand being raised against the backdrop of an open sea, palm open and held at the wrist by another hand; there is no text or information on the front cover; the photograph is surrounded by the narrow white border).

Eli Winter - Unbecoming


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At twenty-three, the Chicago musician and writer Eli Winter has performed with Ryley Walker and David Grubbs and toured the country by bus and train. His first album, 2019's The Time To Come, explored the difficulties of coping with grief and Hurricane Harvey with finely wrought melodic solo instrumentals belying his age. Unbecoming, his virtuosic second album released in 2020, is bolder, uncompromising yet accessible, showcasing ambitious, spacious compositions and a heightened command of the guitar, and providing measured catharsis during intertwined political crises. 

Unbecoming showcases Winter as an invigorating, talented presence, and alludes to his bright future as a voice - or perhaps set of well-trained hands - in the constantly evolving guitar music canon. 


  1. Either I Would Become Ash [22:36] 
  2. Maroon [7:20] 
  3. Dark Light [9:08]


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