Various - Electronic Evocations: A Tribute To Silver Apples

Various - Electronic Evocations: A Tribute To Silver Apples


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This compilation, originally issued on Entraptured in 1996, that brought together some of the best lo-fi noiseniks and bedroom-experimentalists from the UK and US at the time, was the release that inspired Simeon Coxe to re-activate Silver Apples - the avant-odd-pop duo that formed in New York in 1967.

"I was completely surprised when I walked into a New York record store and saw the tribute to our music. When I got back to my studio and put it on I was completely bowled over, not just that someone would do such a thing, but that each artist did a seriously considered and creative interpretation is indeed an honour to me. I was playing it full tilt boogie, spinning around with complete abandon in my studio, with a big grin on my face and magic finger in my hair" - Simeon 1996


  1. Windy & Carl - Program 02
  2. Scaredycat - You and I
  3. Third Eye Foundation - I Have Known Love
  4. Flowchart - Love Fingers
  5. Sabine ‑ Dancing Gods
  6. Outrageous Cherry - Misty Mountain
  7. Alphastone - You're Not Foolin' Me
  8. Lorelei - Oscillations
  9. Monitor - A Pox On You
  10. Amp - Sea Green Serenades
  11. Tranquil - Ruby



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