Are Sing Sinck, Sing by Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria on Constellation Records (CST114)

Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria - Are SING SINCK, SING


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Efrim Manuel Menuck - founding member of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zion - and Kevin Doria from Growing and Total Life, are now officially a duo. Menuck recruited Doria to help him translate his acclaimed 2018 album Pissing Stars from the studio to the stage, and the pair have been touring under the Efrim Manuel Menuck moniker for the past year (often with Doria’s latest solo project KGD opening the proceedings). They’ve also been co-writing piles of new material, diving deeper into whirling maximalist electronics, still shot through with Menuck’s incantatory singing awash in plaintive distortion and hope. 

Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria are SING SINCK, SING presents the first volume of songs forged from this febrile and fertile merger: an antifascist poetics of sound that unspools across five crushing, keening tracks driven by thick sweeping drones and ostinatos, battered by inscrutably searching, ricocheting vocals. With buried wistful vocals awash in a soundscape caressed by sweeping noise (not unlike Flying Saucer Attack), anguish, yearning, and desperate conviction combine in these saturated survivalist electro-hymns, for as long as the power stays on to overload the amplifiers. 


  1. Do The Police Embrace?
  2. Fight The Good Fight
  3. A Humming Void An Emptied Place
  4. Joy Is On Her Mount And Death Is At Her Side
  5. We Will


  • Pressed on 180g vinyl
  • Includes artworked inner-sleeve, 4" sticker and download coupon



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