Eddie Suzuki's New Hawaii - High Tide


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Enterprising composer and musician Eddie Suzuki made his own path throughout his lifetime. Born on October 4, 1929, Suzuki worked as a young shoeshiner in 1940s Honolulu, saving enough money to take piano lessons. In high school, he led a big band orchestra of 16, and sometimes up to 40 members. By the age of 18, he owned a piano shop that pivoted to become Honolulu’s top guitar store. 

For Eddie Suzuki, music always came first, and in 1973, after performing and composing songs for many years, he and his group, New Hawaii, recorded the now rare and highly sought-after album High Tide, a seasoned mix of psych, Hawaiian, and lounge-pop sensibilities celebrating Hawaii’s warmth and spirit. 

The LP is “not a rock-out”, local music journalist Wayne Harada ruminated in a 1973 review. “Rather, it’s one man’s vision - and version - of the now Hawaii.”  

  1. High Tide 
  2. Maunalani Hale 
  3. Legend Of Lehua 
  4. Magic Mile Of Waikiki 
  5. Pikake Lei 
  6. Sea Shells 
  7. Maile Lei 
  8. Pali 
  9. Beauty Near Hanalei 
  10. Fly To Waikiki 
  11. Kona 
  12. City Of Refuge 


  • US import 
  • Meticulously reissued by Aloha Got Soul with the co-operation of Eddie Suzuki's family 
  • Includes 4-page 12" insert with lyrics and full liner notes 
  • Housed in reverse-board jacket 




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