Hope Above Adversity by Dylan Cartlidge on Glassnote (the album cover is a colour photograph of Dylan Cartlidge wearing a multi-coloured turtle-neck knitted jumper covering their mouth, and round mirrired glasses; the artist name appears at the top of the sleeve in uppercase aqua text; the album title appears the the bottom in the same uppercase text, but in white)

Dylan Cartlidge - Hope Above Adversity


  • £10.99

Hope Above Adversity, Dylan Cartlidge's debut album, is an ode to embracing individuality and defying the odds associated with his turbulent upbringing. It is a bold technicolour scattergun take on underground hip-hop and shimmery pop, filled with soul and exultation. 
As a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse, and being raised in the care system, Dylan understands what it feels like to be isolated and on a quest for a more hopeful narrative, and his new album is a bright and uplifting broadcast of his message of hope above adversity for all - whether that may be struggling with mental health or feeling like you don’t quite fit the mould of society’s expectations. 


  1. Dare To Dream 
  2. Anything Could Happen 
  3. Step On 
  4. Hang My Head 
  5. Yellow Brick Road 
  6. Family 
  7. Molasses (Walk The Walk) 
  8. PTSD 
  9. Houdini 
  10. Brown Bread 
  11. Cheerleader 
  12. Monsters Under The Bed 


  • Housed in jewel case with clear tray 




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