Ducks Ltd. - Get Bleak


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Get Bleak is Toronto’s Ducks Ltd.'s debut EP, released here in a special very limited expanded edition, with three bonus tracks on Carpark Records. 

Formerly known as Ducks Unlimited, and composed of friends Evan Lewis, on lead guitar, and Tom Mcgreevy, on vocals and rhythm guitar, the band built a reputation in their hometown for their bright, sinewy, indie-pop guitar sound, and have since garnered acclaim from worldwide music press. 

Chiming with breezy indie guitar sounds akin to those of Flying Nun and Sarah Records acts, the record resounds with the band’s characteristic restless bounce, and penchant for orchestration, with thoughtful lyricism that play on themes of cultural self-awareness and satiric critiques of society’s pressures, and the often ridiculous demands - and prices we pay - to exist. 


  1. Get Bleak 
  2. Gleaming Spires 
  3. Annie Forever 
  4. Anhedonia  
  5. Oblivion  
  6. As Big As All Outside 
  7. It's Easy 


  • US import 
  • Limited edition pressing 
  • Contains download coupon 




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