Drinking Boys And Girls Choir - Keep Drinking


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Drinking Boys and Girls Choir are a skate-punk trio from Daegu City, Korea. Formed in 2013, they bonded over a shared love of drinking, skating, and nurturing a sustainable local punk scene in their home town.

The recording of Keep Drinking started in 2017, but MJ suffered a motobike crash, so the band took a hiatus while awaiting her recovery. When she was fit again, they DIY produced this 18 track debut album, which follows their 2015 EP ‘We are’. This limited edition version was released for Record Store Day 2019.


  1. Keep Drinking !!
  2. National Police Shit
  3. Stay Here
  4. I'm a Fucking McDonalds
  5. 적색편이 Red Shift
  6. Let Me Lost
  7. 진심의 노래 Song of Sincerity
  8. Litter Brother
  9. 싫어도 그게 나야 Just Fucking Me
  10. 거리On the Street
  11. 불빛 아래서 Fluorescent Light
  12. 오마이캘리포니아 Oh my California
  13. You Hate Me
  14. 합창단 The Choir
  15. N3
  16. She's Sitting in the Blue Chair
  17. 그 마음으로 Close the Eyes and Keep on Walking

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