Decoy With Joe McPhee - AC/DC


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Two totally infectious sets from Decoy - the trio of John Edwards (bass), Steve Noble (drums) and Alexander Hawkins (organ) - reunited with pocket trumpet and saxophone player Joe McPhee on the closing night of his four day residency at Cafe OTO. 
The first set sees moments of frenetic free jazz peel off into weirdo soul territory and when switched to saxophone halfway through, McPhee’s romantic lyricism is utterly beautiful. When a groove sets in, Hawkins’ Hammond ascension in harmony with an ever powerful Edwards-Noble rhythm section that sees the room thicken and swirl to the point of giddiness. 
Regrouped for a second set, Steve Noble’s metallic textures meld with detuned arco bass to create an unholy atmosphere, ripe for Hawkins to play out the eerier end of the organ. When McPhee sounds a sax motif the band catches it quickly and it’s soon wickedly morphed and stretched by each player, recurring to absurdity in a stoned-out funk free-for-all. The whole recording bleeds enthusiasm and joyful imagination.  



  1. AC 
  2. DC 



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