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The Declining Winter - Belmont Slope


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The Declining Winter return after a three year lay off with what is perhaps their strongest statement to date. Pushing on from the pastoral blueprint of the long sold out Home For Lost Souls (2015), Belmont Slope is a bold and varied album, extending the boundaries of their earlier sound, introducing pop sensibilities and daring electronic flourishes.

Truly a Northern English album, Belmont Slope is a haphazard car ride across the M62, a love letter to the hills of Yorkshire and Lancashire, a paean to desolate beauty, unattainable love and lost friends. The Declining Winter is the brainchild of Hood co-founder Richard Adams, an ever changing collective who emerge blinking into the daylight from their Yorkshire enclave with a unique blend of pastoral and lo-fi pop, shimmering electronics and rural post-rock.


  1. My Divided World
  2. Break The Elder
  3. Near Garden
  4. Belmont Slope
  5. Twilight Rating
  6. Wincing Quietly
  7. Later And Later Indeed
  8. Still Harbour Hope
  9. I Will Never Lose Your Heart



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