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DEAP - Musik I En Tid


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The Copenhagen duo DEAP are experimental composers and artists Pernille Zidore Nygaard (Panxing) and Aske Zidore (Anyines, An Gella, Gooms). With the beautifully understated album Musik i en tid (Music for a While) the couple have created a container for a series of vocal observations, notes on art, sound and lived life over time. 

Musik i en tid is the offspring of a symbiotic relationship, written and recorded on the coasts and in forests, churches, living rooms and barns of Scandinavia. The textures and traditions of these spaces are audible in the sound and feel of Musik i en tid, where field recordings and snippets of everyday situations in a shared life are also present. Elements that are often considered as distractions for serious music production such as washing dishes or kids playing and screaming, have been embraced and sometimes used as foundational for compositional processes. 

The list of contributors is long, full of children, siblings, beloved friends, fellow artists and a Swedish choir that all have crossed paths with Pernille and Aske during the past two years, making the result more of a collective piece, where circumstances have formed the outcome, rather than it being pre-arranged and produced. This audio collage remains pleasingly minimalist and thoroughly enrapturing from start to finish. 


  1. Jorden, solen 
  2. Alt i alt 
  3. Åbne er hendes ansigts furer 
  4. Maria væver 
  5. Næsen, munden 
  6. Musik i en tid 
  7. Mønstersprog 
  8. Mediet 
  9. Dag 
  10. Mo mo 
  11. Før eller efter finanskrisen 
  12. Alecto er et sted 


  • Limited pressing of 100 copies 
  • Each sleeve has been marked by visual artist Maria Zahle, making each of the copies a unique artwork 




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