Trash & Burn by Dead Mon on Mississippi Records

Dead Moon - Trash & Burn


  • £19.99

Dead Moon were formed in 1987 by veterans of the Portland, Oregon punk scene, Fred Cole (The Lollipop Shoppe, The Rats, Pierced Arrows), Toody Cole (The Rats, Pierced Arrows), and Andrew Loomis (Boy Wonders). 

Trash & Burn was originally released in 2000 by Empty Records, and continued Dead Moon's reign of timeless defiantly DIY lo-fi garage-punk. 


  1. Ricochet 
  2. The Way It Is 
  3. One-Way Ticket 
  4. These Times With You 
  5. Shadows Of The Night 
  6. 40 Miles Of Bad Road 
  7. Out Of Reach 
  8. Never Again 
  9. Janus 
  10. Sabotage 
  11. Shot Away 




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