Dead Famous People - Harry


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Dead Famous People are an indie-pop band from New Zealand, formed in 1986 by Dons Savage. After a couple of releases on Flying Nun Records, giving them some success in their homeland, they relocated to London, where they signed for Billy Bragg's Utility Records and earned praise from the likes of John Peel, who invited them in for a session. However, things didn’t work out, and, to the dismay of many fans, they never released a proper album. Three decades later, following an extended break to raise her son, Dons was tracked down by Fire Records and given the opportunity to finally enter the studio to record.

The indie-pop these days is a more of polished sound, but throughout the songs on Harry, Dons' power over melody and love of chiming guitars and 60's pop hooks is still ever-present, and her knack for profundity in a single simple line is unchanged since the band's original incarnation. 


Track List Side A A1 Looking At Girls A2 Goddess Of Chill A3 Safe And Sound A4 Turn On The Light A5 Dead Birds Eye Side B B6 Groovy Girl B7 The Great Unknown B8 Dog B9 To Be Divine B10 Harry

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