David Nance - Staunch Honey


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Nebraska songwriter David Nance's fifth (proper) studio album, Staunch Honey, is the follow-up to the acclaimed 2018 album Peaced and Slightly Pulverized. Returning to the home-recorded magic of his early albums, Staunch Honey was recorded entirely to tape by Nance himself at his Omaha home with scattered assistance from his longtime live bandmates Jim Schroeder & Kevin Donohue.

Staunch Honey is the culmination of two years of hard work - Nance worked and reworked the album three times over, recording & re-recording songs until they sounded just so - a stunning batch of sonic manna that hums with feeling and mood; expertly crafted, but sounding simultaneously off-the-cuff. Nance dials back the squalling feedback & raging guitars found on "Peaced..." into something a bit mellower, like the soundtrack to a late-night drive or late night hangs. Rusted and dusted with mid-fi, stoney brilliance.


  1. The Merchandise
  2. My Love, The Dark and I
  3. This Side Of The Moon
  4. Save Me Some Tears
  5. July Sunrise
  6. Gentle Traitor
  7. Learn The Curve
  8. When The Covers Come Off
  9. Sell It All Night
  10. Black Mustang
  11. If The Truth Ever Shows Up


LP pressed on fool's gold colour vinyl (exclusive to independent shops)




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