The Harmless Dust by David Grubbs & Nikos Velitos on Improved Sequence Records

David Grubbs & Nikos Velitos - The Harmless Dust


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The Harmless Dust is a unique release in the discographies of both David Grubbs and the Athens-based cellist Nikos Veliotis (Mohammad). In 2005 the duo were on tour in the US in support of Grubbs’s album A Guess at the Riddle when they took a most productive break at John McEntire’s Soma Studios, over the course of a day laying down something utterly different from the song-based set they were playing most evenings. 

The Harmless Dust presents the same composition in two arrangements: one for piano and cello (played with a curved bow that makes it possible to sound multiple strings simultaneously) and the other for Hammond organ and multi-tracked e-bowed piano. The result is a beautiful, patient, melancholy and engrossing instrumental piece. 

The piece was first performed live in Tokyo and then released on CD in Japan by the Headz label; this is its first release on LP, with new artwork by Nikos Veliotis from the same series that yielded the original design. 


  1. The Harmless Dust (Part One)  [17:04] 
  2. The Harmless Dust (Part Two)  [24:04] 



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