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Darren Hayman - Home Time


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Darren Hayman returns with the new album Home Time. An autobiographical album about break ups, the record is tender, honest and frequently funny. Recorded at home, Darren is joined by Hannah Winter (Common or Garden) and Laura K (Fortitude Valley).

When Darren Hayman made his debut in 1997 with the acclaimed indie band Hefner his lyrical remit was the broken hearted. His early songs told the story of the lonesome and lost, and broken dreams of love on the back streets of London. After Hefner, Hayman’s palette grew to include a unique take on place and memory. Home Time is a fragile, subtle slice of prettiness.

"Its delicately observed song cycle unfolds like a novella or short film, with tracks that might seem slight in isloation gaining resonance in situ" - Q

“Bugbears is a rich and warming curio, and there’s something quietly noble about Hayman dragging the thoughts of these long-dead writers back into the light” - Mojo 

“Uniquely intimate and very satisfying” - BBC


  1. Curl Up 
  2. I Was Thinking About You 
  3. Because We Were Impossible 
  4. I Am The Noise 
  5. I Want To Get Drunk 
  6. I Tried and I Tried and I Failed 
  7. I Love You, I Miss You, Come Back
  8. Dinosaur Plate 
  9. The Joint Account 
  10. Kissing A Cloud 
  11. A Girl That I’m Seeing 
  12. Wrap Yourself Around Me


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