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Daniel Johnston - Is And Always Was


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Released in 2009, Is And Always Was finds Daniel Johnston allied with musician/producer Jason Falkner (Beck, Air, Paul McCartney). Is And Always Was aimed to take the rock and roll symphonies in Daniel’s prolific musical brain and deliver fully realised and professionally produced recorded songs, but lost is none of Johnston's charm and unique brilliance as a song-writer and performer. 


"The biggest, greatest news about Is and Always Was is that it does it right, beautifully and unawkwardly - something that, if I were producer/musician Jason Falkner, I might be prouder of than having played with Paul McCartney. The record avoids the old mistake of thinking that Johnston is a "weird" musician and therefore needs a weird backing, or that he's a "raw" musician and needs a scrappy one: Johnston writes pop songs and loves the Beatles, and on this record he gets the rich Beatlesque pop arrangements that are surely in his head" - Pitchfork 



  1. Mind Movies 
  2. Fake Records Of Rock And Roll 
  3. Queenie The Doggie 
  4. High Horse 
  5. Without You 
  6. I Had Lost My Mind 
  7. Freedom 
  8. Tears 
  9. Is And Always Was 
  10. Lost In My Infinite Memory 
  11. Light Of Day 


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