Daniel Bachman - Axacan


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Daniel Bachman emerged in 2012 as a dynamic acoustic guitarist - the youthful heir apparent to the masters like his mentor Jack Rose, John Fahey, and Robbie Basho.  Over the past decade, though the guitar is still central, his sound has developed to incorporate abstract modern composition. 

Never shying away from bold musical statements that follow his exacting vision for what can be seen as "guitar music," the bold, engrossing and experimental Axacan sees Bachman defiantly playing against type and creating an introspective and deeply personal album of instrumental music. 

A solo affair, Axacan weaves together Bachman's acoustic guitar and harmonium with raw field recordings from various locations, events and phenomena (including church bells, shortwave radio transmissions, trees, frogs and fiddles) to create a conceptual collage that is both documentary and authorial. Each creak, clatter and bang colours Bachman's aural Polaroids with deep and personal significance. It is a similar approach to the one he used on 2018's The Morning Star but here sharpened and honed to a razor's edge. 


  1. Accokeek Creek 
  2. Blues in the Anthropocene 
  3. Year of the Rat 
  4. Ferry Farm 
  5. Blue Ocean 0 
  6. Big Summer 
  7. WBRP 47.5 
  8. Coronach 
  9. Deep Adaptation 
  10. Transmutation 


  • US import 
  • CD housed in jewel case 
  • Double-LP housed in gatefold sleeve with wide 9mm spine, packaged with obi-strip including unique sales essay by Tyler Wilcox 
  • LP contains multi-format download coupon 




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