Comorian - We Are An Island, But We're Not Alone


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The east African Comoro islands, off the coast of Mozambique and Madagasgar, are known locally as 'the islands of the moon.' We Are An Island, But We're Not Alone , a collection of sun-baked meditations played on unique string and percussion instruments, and recorded live and outdoors on Grande Comore island, is the first album of original songs ever to be released from the region. 


  1. Please Protect My Newborn Child From The Spirits 
  2. Mama (Once, We Had A Queen) 
  3. Salvation 
  4. America, Crazy 
  5. The Devil Doesn't Eat Papaya, He Eats Fire 
  6. Prayer For A Better Life 
  7. I've Come To The City (Now My Shoes Are Repaired) 
  8. Bandits Are Doing Bad Deeds 
  9. Love Must Come Before Things 
  10. My Friends Went Abroad & Were Swallowed By The Waves 


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