Ciccone Youth - The Whitey Album


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Originally released in 1989, Sonic Youth's Whitey Album, recorded as a side-project, Ciccone Youth - that also included Mike Watt (MinutemenfIREHOSE) - originated with a long-running band joke involving their claim to one day cover the Beatles' White Album in its entirety. Somehow this project morphed into a twisted beatbox/sampler experiment, with silence, noise, lo-fi covers of top ten hits, and electro versions of classic no wave Sonic Youth songs like 'Making the Nature Scene'.

“...a dizzying collage of violently overhauled chart hits, sound sculpture mischief, experimental riff shrapnel and art-punk gags stitched together with deviant whimsy” - David Fricke, Rolling Stone


  1. Needle-Gun
  2. (Silence)
  3. G-Force
  4. Platoon II
  5. MacBeth
  6. Me & Jill/Hendrix Cosby
  7. Burnin' Up
  8. Hi! Everybody!
  9. Children of Satan/Third Fig
  10. Two Cool Rock Chicks Listening to Neu
  11. Addicted to Love
  12. Moby-Dik
  13. March of the Ciccone Robots
  14. Making the Nature Scene
  15. Tuff Titty Rap
  16. Into the Groovey
  17. MacBeth (Alt Mix)



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