Juju Claudius by The Chatham Singers on Damaged Goods Records

The Chatham Singers - Juju Claudius


  • £5.99

Originally released in 2009, now available again as a mid-price reissue.

Straight up lo-fi garage blues and country from Billy Childish, Nurse Julie and Wolf Howard et al.


  1. All Who Cheated And Lied
  2. Juju Claudius
  3. An Image Of You
  4. Upside Mine
  5. The Son Of Art
  6. The True Story Of Elizabeth Sargent
  7. Queen Bee
  8. Evil Thing
  9. Angel Of Death
  10. Demolition Man
  11. The Right Mistake
  12. The Good Times
  13. Bring Me Water
  14. Baby What's Wrong

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