Charlotte Keeffe - Right Here, Right Now


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This first release from avant-garde trumpet player Charlotte Keeffe features her in a number of configurations - solo, duo, quartet and large ensemble - recorded mainly live over the last three years. The four quartet recordings on Right Here, Right Now find Charlotte in her group with guitar, bass and drums - the music is melodic, soaring and incisive free jazz. By contrast, the tracks with the venerable London Improvisers Orchestra find Charlotte in a conduction mode, spontaneously creating structures and textures from this very large group of players. The solo and duo tracks on the album highlight Charlotte’s love of live electronic transformation of her sound. Taken as a whole, this collection sets out a varied musical stall for this exciting young player/composer. 
In Charlotte's words: "Right Here, Right Now is an exciting collaboration of over 60 improvising musicians and artists from all over the world! Including British stalwart improvising musicians Steve Beresford, Caroline Kraabel, John Edwards and vocalists Maggie Nicols and Phil Minton amongst the improvised textures of the large ensemble pieces (London Improvisers Orchestra). 
"It’s always been a necessity for me to make music, but it feels like only recently that I’m truly allowing myself to just play, just be, in the right here, right now… When I’m improvising freely I feel the most connected to everything, the most creative, the most musical. I feel the most freedom. I’d love people to be inspired by the rawness of this music/album, its moments, its liveness… Right Here, Right Now is an invitation for people to explore a creative freedom of their own. Right Here, Right Now is for all." 


  1. 1200 Photographs 
  2. OM 
  3. Mysterious Breath 
  4. This One’s For The Bees... 
  5. Sweet, Corn 
  6. The Melody’s In The Post 
  7. To Steve Beresford 
  8. Noizemaschin!! 
  9. A Horse Named Galaxy 
  10. Right Here, Right Now 


  • CD housed in custom card jacket with artwork by Gina Southgate 
  • Includes liner notes 



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