Cat Power - You Are Free


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You Are Free, released in 2003, was Cat Power's sixth album, and marked a departure from the sound of previous albums that is hard to pinpoint, other than the rich melancholia, which is still present, seems to... bounce. 

Steeped in southern gothic humidity, the record seems to take in the breadth of American music past and present, and lay it all out for close examination. It's done effortlessly, breathtakingly, heartbreakingly. 

When looked at as part of the series of Cat Power records, You Are Free seems to act as a punctuation mark between the stark raw beauty of the earlier albums and the bolder confident full strides that followed. 


  1. I Don't Blame You 
  2. Free 
  3. Good Woman 
  4. Speak For Me 
  5. Werewolf 
  6. Fool 
  7. He War 
  8. Shaking Paper 
  9. Babydoll 
  10. Maybe Not 
  11. Names 
  12. Half Of You 
  13. Keep On Runnin' 
  14. Evolution 



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