Cat Power - The Covers Record


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In spite of this being a collection of (mostly) other people's songs, The Covers Record is one of the most personal-sounding Cat Power albums. The sound is stripped back - just Chan Marshall and guitar or piano - and it reveals the effortless power of her voice. 

The uninitiated may be tempted to pass this by - cover albums are usually the sign of artists out of ideas, or at least not of those at the peak of their creative power. This, however, is the rare case of the cover album being an absolute essential! 

There are not many who could match the intensity of Nina Simone singing 'Wild Is The Wind,' let alone remain as understated and controlled whilst doing so. But like Nina Simone, Chan Marshall could just about sing anything and it would be captivating; she has a way of hanging new meaning and emotional weight onto lyrics that passed you by a thousand times. Prior to the release of this album, Cat Power recorded a legendary Peel session which included her versions of Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Free Bird,' Bob Dylan's 'Knocking On Heaven's Door' and Oasis' 'Wonderwall,' breathing life into them for the very first time, and raising them out of the staid and banal. It's a service to rock history that no one else could muster. Similarly, her version of The Rolling Stones 'Satisfaction' on this record not only surpasses the original, it takes a diversion far around it. This is not to say that these covers are desperately wayward or wilfully obtuse, it's  just that they are now made Cat Power songs; there remains a tender respect of the original, just as there is in the 'cover' of her own 'In This Hole' from the What Would The Community Think album. 


  1. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 
  2. Kingsport Town 
  3. Troubled Waters 
  4. Naked If I Want To 
  5. Sweedeedee 
  6. In This Hole 
  7. I Found A Reason 
  8. Wild Is The Wind 
  9. Red Apples 
  10. Paths Of Victory 
  11. Salty Dog 
  12. Sea Of Love 



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