Cat Apostrophe - Lifelong Amateurism


  • £14.99


Based in Leeds and Sheffield, and made up of steadfast DIY punk kids (previous bands include Actual Crimes, Clammy Hands, No Problems Disco, and loads more), Cat Apostrophe play what they describe as 'radically soft pop' - the songs are bittersweet and hopeful and honest and fun... They are the kind of band that makes you want to be in a band, even if you are already in a band! Their songs are slow, quiet, simple, and full of subdued harmonies and wistful hooks. It's rainy-day music for sunny days.


  1. January
  2. Roast Dinner (Comfort Eater)
  3. Everything Is Shit (But You're Great)
  4. Broken
  5. I Am A Hedgehog
  6. Small Things
  7. I Left My Room
  8. Day Trip
  9. Bedroom Carpet ( What Was I Thinking?)
  10. Waiting Room

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