Take The Skinheads Bowling 7" on Optic Nerve Recordings

Camper Van Beethoven - Take The Skinheads Bowling


  • £8.99

'Take the Skinheads Bowling' b/w 'Colonel Enrique Adolfo Bermudez' was the debut single by Camper Van Beethoven, taken from their 1985 album Telephone Free Landslide Victory, and was originally released by Rough Trade in 1986. 

The Santa Cruz band's deliciously idiosyncratic take on post-punk and indie-rock was a result of their pure pop sensibilities and playfully upbeat approach, and made 'Take The Skinheads Bowling' an enduring hit that has lost none of its freshness thirty-five years later. 

This release is part of Optic Nerve Recordings' Optic Sevens series of strictly limited edition 7" single reissues. 

  1. Take The Skinheads Bowling 
  2. Colonel Enrique Adolfo Bermudez 


  • Sleeve features original single artwork 
  • Pressed on red vinyl 
  • Contains poster and postcard 



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