Run Sound Boy Run by Bunny Lee & The Aggrovators on Jamaican Recordings

Bunny Lee & The Aggrovators - Run Sound Boy Run


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Legendary record producer Bunny `Striker’ Lee’s vast selection of rhythms were ever-present at every sound-clash or dance in Jamaica in the early to mid-1970s, where the version found on the b-side of a single, or special dub cut on acetates, would be played to win over the people and conquer the dance. Bunny Lee was the undisputed rhythm master, and the band cutting these timeless rhythms were a group of top Jamaican musicians Bunny had put together called The Aggrovators. 

The Aggrovators were a group of reggae musicians that usually featured Carlton `Santa’ Davis on drums playing alongside Robbie Shakespeare on bass, with other musicians including Earl `Chinna’ Smith on guitar and Tommy McCook, Vin Gordon, and Lennox Brown added for horn arrangements. Keyboards and organ duties normally fell to musicians Ansel Collins and Bernard ‘Touter’ Harvey. The band was named after singer Eddie Grant had repeated the slang term "agro" to Bunny Lee on one of his many trips to England. Bunny Lee was so taken with this term that on returning to Jamaica, not only did he name his group of musicians the `Aggrovators’ but he also named his record shop situated at 101 Orange Street `Agro Records.’ 

This collection of some of this fantastic group's classic recordings also includes Bunny Lee as MC on the mic, calling it out as only he could. 


  1. Drumming Up Dub 
  2. Darker Shade of Dub 
  3. Run Sound Boy Run To Dub 
  4. A Wandering Dub 
  5. Talking Dub 
  6. A Stalag Dub Style 
  7. Trap A Dub 
  8. Don’t Try and Use Dub 
  9. Change Your Spots Dub 
  10. Queen of Dubs 
  11. Baba Dub 
  12. A Kingston Dub 
  13. Born To Love Dub * 
  14. Dreader Than Dub * 
  15. Can’t Conquer My Dub Sound * 
* CD-only bonus tracks 


  • CD housed in jewel case with clear tray 


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