1914 by The Buff Medways on Damaged Good Records

Buff Medways - 1914


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Billy Childish formed The Buff Medways in 2000. Their full name was Wild Billy Childish & The Friends of the Buff Medway Fanciers Association. 

The Buff Medways cut a dash with their Victorian army uniforms and vintage Vox amps. The gear may be old but as one critic wrote the band were “the snarled lip embodiment of rock’n‘roll spirit rather than nostalgia or shabby revivalism”. Live and on record The Buff Medways were all about great songs and vibrant raw energy – no frills! 


  1. Unable To See The Good 
  2. All My Feelings Denied 
  3. Sonya Fagg 
  4. Evidence Against Myself 
  5. The Least Disappointing Man 
  6. Just 15 
  7. Nurse Julie 
  8. Saucy Jack 
  9. Mons Quiff (Inst) 
  10. Barbara Wire 
  11. You Are All Phonies 
  12. Caroline 


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