BSÍ - Sometimes Depressed... But Always Antifascist


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Having started BSÍ under the premise of trying instruments they didn't know how to play, Icelandic duo Silla Thorarensen (drums & vocals) and Julius Pollux Rothlaender (bass guitar & toe-synths) understand their band as a playground for simply being who they are. Two best friends, rumbling and rolling through life, not taking themselves too seriously, struggling with self-doubts and imperfection while trying to see these as empowering virtues, unafraid to just do and be what or however they feel. 

When it comes to their debut album, the title pretty much states how Silla & Julius have felt during the time of writing and recording it, or more programmatically, what they feel BSÍ has been about so far: 'Sometimes depressed... but always antifascist.' Directing sorrow and the raw energy of joy and anger to two distinctly different sides, they created an album that might as well be a twin EP, five songs low key heartbreak melancholy, five songs riot grrrl lofi-cute-punk. BSÍ's debut album touches equally upon the endless fall, vulnerability and intimacy of loss and leaving - while on the other side celebrating sunny summer days, salty knees and the idea of a feminist world revolution. 


  1. My Lovely 
  2. TAL 11 
  3. Old Moon 
  4. Uncouple 
  5. 25 Lue 
  6. Vestubaejar Beach 
  7. Feela Pad 
  8. My Knee Against Kyriarchy 
  9. Donakallalagid 
  10. Alltaf Alltaf Stundum Alltaf 


  • Pressed on recycled vinyl 
  • Housed in reverse-board jacket and die-cut printed inner-sleeve with lyrics 
  • Contains download coupon 




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